In addition to inherent problems including air pollution, water contamination, and health impacts, drilling, fracking, and associated infrastructure like pipelines result in tragic disasters including major leaks, spills, and explosions.

This page provides a few examples of such disasters in Pennsylvania, far from a complete list.. These disasters are a stark reminder of how dangerous fracking is and why it must be stopped.

Overall, he number of drilling and fracking violations in Pennsylvania is staggering. State Impact NPR has tracked violations and produced the following map.

Map of violations in PA

There are thousands and thousands of violations. For example:

Some violations lead to minimal impacts, while other times there are terrible disasters.


Photo credit: Scott Beveridge/Observer-Reporter

“A large fire sent a thick black plume of smoke into the sky Sunday at a Marcellus Shale natural gas pad in Somerset Township.””

Photo credit: KERRY JOBE VIA AP.

“A man has been taken to the hospital with serious burns after a 30-inch interstate natural gas transmission pipeline exploded next to his home in Westmoreland County. About a dozen homes have been evacuated and a quarter mile evacuation zone remains in place. Video from the scene shows a raging fire lighting up the early morning sky. First responders on the scene say the man did not come in direct contact with the flames, but it was the intense heat that scorched him and his home.”

Photo credit: NewsChopper 2/KDKA

“A massive fire and gas well explosion this morning in Greene County has sent one worker to the hospital and left another worker missing.”

The Partnership for Public Integrity compiled a list of leaks, spills, and blowouts from drilling and fracking, many of which are from Pennsylvania. Read more.

Pipelines and other forms of drilling and fracking infrastructure have also caused many spills, leaks, explosions, and other problems.

The FracTracker Alliance also has a map of fracking wells in Pennsylvania with violations: